I am slowly putting stuff here over time. Hey, life is busy.

(I let my old marcrettig.com domain lapse for a couple of days, and presto it’s a Japanese debt consolidation site. That’s not me. I can’t imagine why they want that domain for that business, but… here we are.)  

What’s going on lately

There are still some places available in the 2018 Frontier Retreat.

It’s hard to describe this mix of instant group connection, happy banter, mythic inner conversations, daily adventures on an astonishing landscape, brief but surprising acts of personal creativity, great food and drink, all with a sense of ease and spaciousness. We’re excited about our fourth year of doing this, and look forward to seeing who joins us in July.


I grew up on a Montana wheat farm, and still hold that place and those people close to me.

I had a first career in software, a second career in design research and strategic design. I’ve taught design in various places for a long time.

Now I  start my work with social questions rather than business, product, or technology questions. I want to do whatever I can to support people who are trying to move their slice of life toward something more sustainable and equitable. I’m learning a lot about that, and having a great time sailing through uncertain waters.

I like to cook. I like to make photographs.



marc at fitassociates dot com