Data Normalization Poster, 1989

I had a first career in computing, and for a few years I was Technical Editor of a magazine called Database Programming and Design. As a side project, I wrote a summary of Edgar Codd’s five rules of data normalization. (The main source was a book from Chris Date.) It wound up hanging in cubicles all over the place, and even after the magazine folded I found myself shipping people reprinted copies. The demand was high enough that I recreated the poster as closely as I could, updated the credits, and made it available for download.

Meanwhile some Japanese folks got ahold of my old domain, so I haven’t been offering the poster for download. Many of the copies of the poster out there have a flaw — a missing paragraph of text in the box for first normal form.

So here is the best version I have in my possession. Do whatever you want with it, folks. It prints pretty well, by the way. I have had copies made at Kinko’s FedEx Office. Ask for matte paper, tell them it’s 18×24 inches, and you want it trimmed to full bleed.

5 Rules of Data Normalization Poster, 2.7meg PDF.


2 Replies to “Data Normalization Poster, 1989”

  1. thanks so much for making this available. I remember this from when i was just a lad and analyzing it like it was the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  2. Thank you for this information. I didn’t know that It existed but searching in Wikipedia brougth me here. I have been a database developer for years but I think I have forgotten the basics and this makes me feel some sadness.
    I hope to remember the formal normalization and get back to the best practices.

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