Session 2: Attention

For each session, we’ll watch or listen to things that can frame our thinking, inspire us, give us language.

Attention. Opening. Listening. Seeing. Curiosity. Conversation.

As we anticipate the practice suggestions coming in Session 2, let’s use this mix of voices to give us some perspective and Big Ideas.

This session deals with Attention. Often the creative process begins with paying attention in some way, to some part of the world. Observing, listening, inquiring. In open mode, willing to be changed by what you encounter. And as the process continues—as we put what we’ve seen in conversation with our interior thoughts and feelings, and as we work with materials to shape new forms—each step benefits from quality and depth of attention.

Let’s listen.

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00:00   Marc’s introduction

03:23  Krista Tippett and Elizabeth Gilbert, Choosing Curiosity Over Fear

14:17   Otto Scharmer, Four Levels of Listening

23:29   David Whyte, Beauty is the Harvest of Presence

29:33   David Whyte, Selection from Heart Aroused: Poetry and the preservation of the soul in corporate America

40:15   Slava Polunin, What is Creativity?


Some of what’s in the mix can be seen or heard in full elsewhere


OnBeing episode with Krista Tippett and Elizabeth Gilbert

Listen and view the full transcript at


Otto Scharmer, Four levels of listening



David Whyte, Beauty is the Harvest of Presence



Slava Polunin, What is Creativity?