Collective Story Harvest

How listening can change everything

This story took place in a national nonprofit organization. In particular, a division that operates something like a mission-driven ad agency, educating and advocating for behavior change.

The hero of the story is a method called Collective Story Harvest. I’ve found it to be potent in a huge range of situations. It is simple to do, and has great power to help people suspend judgment and listen openly.

In this case it brought leaders and staff together with people who have lives the very behaviors they are trying to change, and the result was beautiful. I had a conversation with my colleague Hanna du Plessis, in which we retold the story. You can find audio (11 minutes), a transcript and photos here on the Fit Associates site. 

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ContextNational non-profitGroup size25Duration2 daysOutcomeNew strategic question based on listening to constituentsCollaboratorsHanna du Plessis